Current Worship Series

SEVEN – March 10th – April 21st – Theme: An experimental mutiny against excess. American life can be excessive. And we are living it. In fact, how many of us are continually in the pursuit of more. Is there even such a thing as enough? This Lenten season; let’s decide to do something about it.  SEVEN is an experiment. Throughout the season of repentance that leads to resurrection, let’s choose to address seven places in our lives where we may be overdoing it: Food, Clothes, Possessions, Media, Waste, Spending, and Stress.  The SEVEN Experiment will show us the difference between what we own and what owns us.  So lets simplify, let go, and reduce all of our excess.
  • March 10th “The Food Catalyst” (Luke 4:1-13) Theme: Making space for the Holy Spirit enables something new to occur in and through us.
  • March 17th “Clothed on the Margins” (Isaiah 58:1-1) Theme: We cannot share the gospel with the poor while emulating the practices of the rich.
  • March 24th “Possessing Contentment” (Matthew 6:19-21 & Mark 10:46-52) Theme: Storing up treasures in heaven is our communal responsibility.
  • March 31st “Technology and the Kingdom” (Hebrews 12:1-3) Theme: In ordinary obedience, the kingdom of God advances.
  • April 7th “The Cost of Spending” (Luke 11:37-42) Theme: Rituals of non-consumerism lead to internal and eternal health.
  • April 14th (Palm Sunday) – “Stress and the Simplicity of Silence” (John 12:1-16) Theme: Our intentional choice of prayer and rest ushers Christ into our hearts.
  • April 21st (Easter Sunday) – “A New Heaven and a New Earth” (Luke 24:1-12) Theme: Our witness to the resurrection in our lives matters to the world around us.