Current Worship Series

“Unexpected” – April 28th – June 9th – Theme: God is always at work, even in the ironic and unexpected. 
We all know the excitement and disquiet that come with the sudden reversal of our expectations. The early Christians whose stories are told in the book of Acts have no shortage of surprises. The resurrection sets off a host of unexpected events and changes for Jesus’ followers, even changes within themselves. If our own spiritual lives have come to seem humdrum and everyday, these stories will awaken in us a new desire for God’s work in the lives of unsuspecting, ordinary people like ourselves. Throughout these seven weeks, we will learn the spiritual habit of welcoming an unpredictable God and coming to expect the unexpected.
  • April 28th – “A Surprising Turnaround” Acts 5:27-32 – Theme: Our beliefs can surprise even us. Sometimes the unexpected work of God in our lives leads us to surprise even ourselves. Have you ever surprised yourself by acting in faith instead of in fear?
  • May 5th – “An Unlikely Friendship” Acts 9:1-20 – Theme: Friendships we never expected can lead to blessings we’ve always sought. God often places people in our lives who we might not have chosen as friends for ourselves.
  • May 12th – “An Astonishing Imitation” Acts 9:36-43 – Theme: Helping others see Christ’s glory. Great artists aren’t just born, they are made. They practice, toil, paint, and sculpt over and over until they produce something worthwhile; but there are many first drafts the world never sees.
  • May 19th – “An Unexpected Change of Menu” Acts 11:1-18 – Theme: God has a heart for the unexpected. “You are what you eat” is a mantra we all know, but those in Peter’s day would have found it even more important to say, “You are whom you eat with.”
  • May 26th – “An Amazing Detour” Acts 16:9-15 – Theme: God changes the world one person at a time. Why, in a book of big miracles and major events, do we find the story of one woman coming to faith?
  • June 2nd – “An Ironic Escape” Acts 16:16-34 – Theme: Being free versus being enslaved, being in chains or being liberated.  Do you want to live a life of freedom?  What if that requires being enslaved?
  • June 9th (PENTECOST SUNDAY) – “One Surprising Moment” Acts 2:1-21 – Theme: It all comes back to this one surprising moment. The hidden surprise, the truly astonishing outcome that occurred on Pentecost, is the change in the followers of Jesus.